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I get asked all the time about my website, and how I create content for it. Today, I am SO excited to share with you guys a behind-the-scenes peek into what a content production day at a actually looks like! Another question I get asked often is how I have chosen my team that I work with. I built mine based on my belief that it’s really important to have people around you that share your same vision and aspirations. I really believe that the people who work closely with you should be a true reflection of who you are. Every single person I work with has such an amazing heart combined with a lot of determination, it’s very inspirational.

Every month, my amazing team and I gather for a full-day of content production. I can honestly say I SO look forward to these days — We not only get to be creative, and shoot a variety of content for the coming months, but we have so much fun doing it (the recipe posts alone make for very delicious days on set).

My amazing team! From left to right: Marissa Klaff, Ashley Burns and Grace Helfrich

My amazing team! From left to right: Manager, Marissa Klaff, Photographer Ashley Burns and Digital Media Manger, Grace Helfrich

We start prepping for these shoot days weeks in advance! My Digital Media Manager Grace Helfrich and I and get to be really creative and we work together to strategize exactly what content we want to create. This is everything from recipes that I want to share with you, to fashion looks, and even Real Talk posts. We figure out every piece of blog and social media content that needs to come out of a photoshoot, and create a detailed execution plan. Grace and I also work very closely with my amazing manager Marissa Klaff, who always goes above and beyond to advise on my brand strategy. The three of us are very hands-on when it comes to making a place that truly represents my brand!

Photoshoot day always starts early with glam so that my hair and makeup are done and once the shoot actually starts, we can move through everything we need to capture quickly. My incredible glam team is made up of my makeup artist Motoko Clayton Honjyo and my hair dresser Rachel B Mason (who both work with me on The Real). I also have a fabulous stylist Kelly M Johnson who I work with on The Real — But for most of my website photoshoots, I have been having a lot of fun styling myself and learning how to put looks together (thanks to Kelly of course).

Tamera Mowry website

My glam team! Makeup artist Motoko Clayton Honjyo and Hair Stylist Rachel B Mason

Next, my very talented photographer Ashley Burns arrives, and that is when it is officially go-time! Ashley is responsible for many of the beautiful photos you see on my website and on my social media. Once we start shooting, the day just rolls quickly from there! My team and I move through the long shoot plan we have laid out, and always have so much fun while doing it. These days are filled with a lot of laughter.

These content production shoots are of course very important for creating content, but they are also an amazing chance for my team and I to come together and be really creative. We come up with amazing ideas, and always walk away from the day feeling inspired and excited for the next photoshoot. As I have said many times before, having a website to share my experiences, and to encourage and uplift people is a passion of mine. I’m constantly thinking of you, and love that together we have built such a lovely community! I’m so happy you guys love it as much as I do. I am so grateful that my team and I have such thoughtful, engaged and lovely readers to create content for! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to you all for making my dream of running a successful website a reality!

I can’t wait to share even more exciting website developments with you in the new year as my team and I continue to create new content for you! If there is anything you want to see more of on, please comment and let me know!


Video created by Mike Helfrich.

  • Briana Pena

    I love how much work and effort you put into this beautiful website. It’s always so refreshing. You captivate your readers to feel like they are experiencing what you are discussing….you make us feel like we are there experiencing it too. Looking forward to how this site (your baby) will continue to get better and better. We love it already. Congrats to you and your team for all your hard work. It must be such an honor to work with an amazing person like yourself. What a dream 😊. We the fans do appreciate the invitation to getting to know you a little better through here. Always a pleasure.

  • Tina Taliaferro

    This is great!!! Your team is amazing!!!! I work in Media so I know it takes ALOTTTT to do what you all are doing and It helps to have a great team to work with. I Love it!!! Thanks for sharing this part of your journey.

  • Claudia Chavez

    This is lovely, to see the people who are behind this Amazing website. We appreciate every single one of ur guys hard work and dedication! Love everything about this website Tamera! Thank You. Can’t wait to see more😊

  • Stephanie R. Yates-Anyabwile

    Hi, Tamera! I love your website! I’d love to see you do an updated reading list. I read some of the books on your last list, and I recommend them to everyone I know. I would also love to see you make a list of your favorite stay-in movie picks. You could break it up into date night movies, family movies, girls night movies, or movies that you can watch on a night alone. This website is so inspiring, and I’ve been a faithful reader for years <3 xoxo

  • CaNesha Gordon

    Love your blog. Working towards this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aphelele Chonco

    Thank you so much for sharing T, I love and enjoy reading through your blog ❤️

  • Wow! Thanks for the insight!! What a blessing to have such a great team :)

  • chay. ♡

    Absolutely love your website Tamera. I’m always excited for new content. Keep up the great work. :)

  • kierra jones

    Love the brand you & your sister are building that speak to each of your passions & personalities as women, brand & business bosses, moms, & wives!

    You inspire young women like me who are driven in our success that we too can have a family & love AND be successful! My bff & I refer to ourselves as Tia & Tamera.

    Thank you for being a consistent role model for women & girls around the world! Continue to shine!

  • Amazing Hearts

    Wow you are such an amazing woman and mother! I have followed you through the years from when you were young to you developing into this incredible creative bombsell.. it is really awesome! Do you ever engage in community activities?