Ariah’s First Ballet Lesson

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

Last weekend my baby girl had her first ballet lesson. It was a huge milestone for Ariah and I wanted to share a few sweet moments from the day. So proud of her!

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

We decided to put Ariah in dance because she seems to naturally enjoy it. If your child is really curious about something, getting them involved in it from a young age is a great way to help them learn and explore. I know a lot of adults who wish they’d explored their interests more when they were little ones, myself included, so I wanted to make sure Ariah had that experience if she wanted it.

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

She’d already gotten on her toes and twirled on her own, not to mention how much girl loves a cute tutu, so all signs pointed to ballet for Ariah’s first official dance lesson. Love how confident she is when trying new things!

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

Momma was by her side for support the entire time.

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

She’s a natural! Ariah had a blast learning the basics… And getting silly too.

Ariah's Ballet Lesson - Tamera Mowry

Aden has his own extracurricular activities, like karate and soccer. I’m so excited to see both of my babies follow their passions as they get older and find what they truly enjoy doing. Life is so much more fun when you make time for what you love, and I want them to know that early on.

I’m one proud momma! Moms, when did you start enrolling your little ones in activities?


  • Esther

    On her toes already!!!! So cute….

  • The last picture, with Ariah’s reflection in the window and her on her tiptoes is adorable! ?

  • Angelle

    We enrolled our daughter into gymnastics at 2, and just transitioned her to ballet now that she’s 4. She loves them both but still can’t really express which she loves more.

  • Sonya Mccallum-Bakalis

    My boys were about 3 years old. They are now 10 and 8. They both enjoy music. My oldest is in hockey, which he enjoys. It great to take a look at what they enjoy and as parents try and get them involved in it.

  • Danyelle Jefferson

    How exciting! Thank you for sharing some of these beautiful moments with us! Being a mother and wife is one of my greatest joys in life. It’s so wonderful to introduce your children to things they love and watch them flourish or at most just have a great time.

  • GEMINI521

    You’re such a wonderful mother Tamera, continue to enjoy these years while you can because they grow up so fast and leave you with the empty nest syndrome; that’s where my life is today.. But visits are good too, Lol… ??? ❤U?

  • kortiz503

    just a Beautiful family God Bless you all

  • Aretha Newbold

    I have 4 children from my kids were like 3 they were either running track or learning tennis . yes its very important to start them off early its set the stage for early discipline :)

  • Phillypam

    Ballet pictures are adorable!!!!!
    My twin daughters were very shy. Because of their shyness, I didnt enroll them in activities at a young age. As they got older, I often wondered if that was a mistake…I often thought, if I had started them in activities, maybe they would have overcome the shyness, be more open to trying new things…

  • Nelly Baez

    God bless her if she’s gifted then let jer enjoy it . Love. The Real we watch you guys all the time

  • Charlene Wright

    Tamera, she is just an angel, just like her mom!!!

  • Cassandra Fortil

    Cute , beautiful, adorable little princess .Dream big princess.

  • Jaedie Welcome

    She a very beuty and cutie?????

  • Judy Dale

    wow she has grown … very gorgeous just like you mom

  • Nomusa Mano Sibanyoni

    She is so adorable Tamera, great job mommy!!! My first one is 3 and she started with activities this year under the Playball programme, we like the progress we have seen, she is confident and communicates well. We also enrolled her for English classes since we do not speak English as our first language :-). I would have really loved for her to do the ballet, but we want to give these 2 activities a chance and see how it goes…ohw we must still add swimming lessons in our schedule..this includes me and my 16 months old girl :-)..mommy diaries

  • Too cute! I remember on The Real when you were pregnant and got excited at the thought of putting your baby girl in a tutu.

  • Vari Mayez

    way to go Tamera.She looks so cute.Catch them young.

  • Cassandra Butler

    All kids should be able to explore their talents and interest at a young age. We only get one shot at this life so we should take advantage of all it has to offer cause time waits for no man

  • My daughter just turned two and my hubby and I are considering what type of activities to get her into. We have two older boys and the decisions seems to be easier with them for some reason. Not sure why, but we are nervous about our choice with her. Thank you for sharing. This helps.

  • Debby-Ann Alicia

    My daughter 3 1/2 when I first enrolled her in dance…..then I realized it was not really beneficial at that age….attention waited until about 4 1/2 again……but piano she started at 4 and the violin shortly after. Now she has chosen the violin….ohhhh Amd swimming from three….now at 13,her main sport is swimming and she is in the orhestra!

  • Cynthia Range

    She has grown up so fast and so adorable! My daughter just turned 7 and haven’t started dance yet because she has been playing soccer and basketball the last couple years and loves it plus she swims. Our schedule is so busy and have to decide what kind of dance she wants and how it fits into our schedule since I’m in school working on my Masters too!

  • My Opinion

    Beautiful and Precious!!

  • Sophia

    She is absolutely gorgeous! I love her tutu!!! Your incredibly blessed :)

  • cliff goba

    beautiful tam tam!!! I admire you so much…