Aden’s Summer Style

So far, it has been such a great summer spent outside soaking up that vitamin D. It’s still hotter than hot here in Los Angeles, so the fam and I are trying to make the most of it by planning outdoor activities. Of course, Aden needs comfortable hot-weather clothes and there’s nothing more fun for a mom than finding an outfit that both he and I enjoy.

While I try not to get carried away with styling my son—the first priority is that he’s comfortable and happy—who doesn’t love to see their littles rocking a cute outfit while out and about? And I’ve discovered that yes, shopping for boys CAN be just as much fun as shopping for girls! The trick is to keep it simple, affordable (they grow fast!), but still have fun with it. After all, these are moments we’ll always remember!

Swim Time

Aden's Summer Style | TameraMowry.comSwim Goggles / Stride Rite Shoes / Shirt & Swim Shorts

For a day at the pool, a swim shirt and shorts pair with a rash guard keeps babies safe and happy. Pair with water resistant shoes and swim gear or water toys.

Exploring Nature

Aden's Summer Style |

Sometimes all you need to make your baby happy is a cozy PJ Set like the one above. But that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for cute sayings and colors!

A Little Dressy

Aden's Summer Style |

Bow Tie / Oxford Shirt / Coral Shorts / Slip-Ons

Love when little boys get all dressy in a bow tie! Salmon shorts are great for a preppy look in the summer or to brighten an outfit any time of year. Thanks to my close friend Jessica Luengo for the amazing pic of us.

The Rock Show

Aden's Style |

Tank Top / Peek Jeans

This picture kills me! Just grab a pair of faded jeans and a ribbed tank and he is set! All you need to do is keep him from playing in the dirt in those stylish jeans and white top.

Travel Style

Travel Style

Flip Flops / Romper

What are your kids’ styles like?


  • Moira Grobbelaar

    Hi Tamera, I love Aden’s summer style. Smart and cute, and most importantly, it all looks comfortable. I am 27 weeks pregnant and it’s a boy. I have a daughter, turning 10 years in November. I must say, it has been fun raising a girl… dressing up, accessorising, play times, activities… you name it, we enjoy every moment.
    With the new addition to the family, we are all looking forward to a baby boy… a different world all together. Thank you for sharing Aden’s summer ideas. I am gonna have just as much fun dressing up my baby boy too!

  • Kololia

    Absolutely love it! Aden’s style is cute and comfy. Perfect for a growing and active boy. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing.

  • Eva Karma Boyd

    Adorable! I kept my son in rompers

    • Karen

      When my son was toddler aged I kept him in rompers as well. They’re so easy!

  • Terri Bora

    Aww My son is about a month younger than your son! That’s him in my profie with me lol. He’s been in similar outfits but I wanted to share something funny. He’s taken to taking his diaper off when he’s wearing separates. ( it was quite a disaster one night) . In an effort to win parents of the year lol when he wears separates we tape the diaper shut with …. duct tape. No disasters since we have no regrets lol

  • K’Andraste Melissa

    Aden is just the sweetest :’)

  • Tara

    Awe I love all of Aden’s outfits! My son is 22 months old and I like putting him in rompers to play in. When we got to church I usually dress him in plaid button up shirts and cute shorts. It’s always fun dressing my son!

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Aww! :-) Truly Love The Way You Dress Your Little Angel.❤️❤️

  • Anna

    You should also check out Janie and Jack. Adorable, classic clothing for babies and toddlers. Aden could definitely be a J&J model.!

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Aden’s ‘A Little Dressy’ Outfit Hands Down Is Beyond Adorable!

  • abby

    Hi Tamera I just love the way u dress Aden, cute clothes for a cute boy.

  • Ina Turner

    Aww Aden, I love the look on his little face in the captain adorable romper,like I am ready to get into But my fav.has to be Aden in his tank top and jeans he look like such a big boy.

  • Omgosh! Your son is such a cutie!!!! I love the style you have chosen for him!