Aden’s Style

Now that summer has come to a close (though you wouldn’t fully know it in LA) and The Real has premiered, it is all about quickness and what works with the weather when it comes to dressing Aden. Whether he’s playing outside or staying in for a lazy weekend with Adam and I, I like to keep his looks functional, but still a little stylish. That means basics, layers and accessories (Love hats on my little man). I’ve already shared his summer style, here’s some fall looks for inspiration!

Supporting His Team

Aden's StyleGiants Hat / 49ers Jersey / Denim Shorts 

We love our San Francisco teams. Ever since Aden was teeny tiny we’ve been taking him to games, so it only makes sense for him to rep our teams well. Hats and jerseys are a go-to, but for cold game nights we add a Giants hoodie. He’s already becoming obsessed with baseball, just like his daddy.

Park Day

Aden's StyleCardigan / T-shirt / Leggings

When out and about it is always good to have layers and options. Leggings can be rolled up if your little one gets hot and a cardigan can be thrown on when it gets chilly. Together, Aden is comfortable and looks oh so cute!

Fitness Fun

Aden's StyleSweatband / Striped Shirt / Sweat Pants / High Top Sneakers  

This work out look is more for fun – because let’s be honest, it is only momma breaking out in a sweat! But a t-shirt, some sweat pants and a pair of high tops can be a great playdate look or for when boys will be boys and run around outside.

Lounging Around

Aden's StyleBaseball Cap / Footed Pajamas 

For full lounging around a footed pajama set is all you need. That, and Daddy’s baseball cap, of course.

Helping Out

Aden's Style

When Aden’s at home, I like to let him play in casual clothes or his pjs. This pajama set is affordable and the perfect pick for watering the plants in this intense California heat. Lol.


  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    I truly love the way you dress your little sweetheart! :-) Great outfits for Tots! Haha! He looked absolutely ADORABLE on your talk show with his little headband on! Great article! :-)

  • Jessie

    cute outfits! especially ‘park day’

  • abby

    Awwww,Aden looks so sweet, love his outfits Tamera.

    • Kimani D.

      God has blessed you both with an equally yoked marriage! God’s gift to you and Adam is Aden! May you all continue to live in love by keeping God first in all you do! God bless…

  • Jessica

    Aden is so adorable. Love the outfits.

  • laurie gray townsend

    He is so adorable.

  • Sydney Deems

    Great taste in clothing. He’s cute.

  • Marisol

    I cannot get over how handsome he is :)

  • Kay.

    He is so cute! Such a stunning little boy! :)

  • Jade

    awww he is sooo adorable!, (”,), love the way u dress him

  • Gilda Lewis

    Thanks for sharing! What a great mom you are. Children are God’s Gift. Keep doing what you are doing. #Priceless

  • Vyking Mommy

    Oh good heavens, he’s gorgeous!

  • Tiara

    I so love Park day and lounging around. Such a handsome little one.

  • Natasha

    Those outfits are super cute just saying you have a beautiful son period.xo

  • Ashley

    I love his facial expression while watering the plants, he’s serious about his job. So cute

  • Cassie

    He’s so handsome!! Okay now T the first outfit is nice!! The sweater in the 2nd picture I’ve had one like for my son. Those tights nah, honey and that tan short set (the last with lil bear or whatever) he’s going to be mad when he’s older that you played him like that, mark my words!!! He is however very handsome so happy for you and Adam! Beautiful couple, stay blessed you and your fam!

  • Ahhh! Such a cutie! Seriously you dress him so well!

  • Sandra Richards

    Just cute as a button.So handsome

  • Melinda Roy

    Cute as ever.!!! Love you on ThE ReAl.. ;)

  • Ina Turner

    I love all of Aden little outfits,they are very age appropriate. And Tamera the expression on his little face where he is watering the plants,priceless. Daddy and Mommy need to pay him for job well done. lol,lol.

  • dalston

    Aden is so cute. I love all of his outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer Torres

    I love him! God bless him he is adorable! Thank you for sharing his style and your mommy tips. You inspire me to be a better mom and wife!

  • Adele Coy

    Always looking just as fabulous as mommy! So handsome.

  • Quinta Brown

    Aden gon break hearts!!! ;)