5 Activities You Didn’t Know Were Workouts

When it comes to being active and maintaining your health, every bit counts. Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym, little things you do during your day make a difference. It’s helpful to know that when I don’t have time to complete a full-on workout, I’ve remained active during my day. And Adam and I love to go evening walks with Aden whenever we can, and do things like take the stairs over the elevator. Ever wake up sore one morning and wonder why, only to find out it’s because the elevator was out of service and you had to walk up 6 flights of stairs that day? – that’s how you know the little things work!

While just walking up stairs should never replace an exercise regimen 100%, there are ways you can tweak those activities in order to reap their benefits, causing you to be that much healthier. You can even increase your endurance and muscle tone with these small changes.

5 Activities You Didn't Know Were Workouts | TameraMowry.com

See all 5 activities that can easily become workouts below: 

When you can’t find parking…
Circling the block for 10 minutes could easily be a 10-minute workout. Sure, it’s inconvenient if it’s raining and you have 10 bags of groceries, but it DOES benefit your health. Parking farther away means fitting in a walk you otherwise may not get to. You might even be rewarded by not having to pay for parking or having to deal with as much traffic.

Your evening walk…
You may think that strolling around the block with your baby or pup in tow isn’t worth much, but a 150lb person burns about 230 calories just by walking at a moderate pace for an hour. Easily turn that into a more intense workout by picking up speed or rounding your distance up to the nearest mile. You won’t even notice you were at it for the extra minutes, yet you’ll burn those calories.

When the elevator is full…
 Sometimes taking the elevator or escalator is more trouble than it’s worth. With a group of people vying for the elevator in a busy place, the stairs can be a welcome breath of fresh air, and even less time consuming. You’ll regain energy and quickly forget about the tiny detour – until you realize how it positively impacted your day. If you have the choice between stairs and an elevator at your office, at the subway station, or mall, challenge yourself to take the stairs. You’ll be surprised at how much it helps improve the strength of your legs.

Coffee run time…
Be the one who volunteers to run an errand for the rest of your coworkers, and you’ll not only be helpful to others, you’ll be able to step out of your workplace and get moving for a moment. It truly counts when you have to be in the same place for several hours, and taking a break can work wonders for stress and productivity as well as physical health.

Yard work day…
A day spent working in the yard is a pain for some people, but it helps to think of it as a day you can accomplish two tasks in one – a workout, and a tidied outdoor space. Things like pulling weeds, gardening, mowing the lawn, landscaping, etc., all burn calories and work your muscles. These activities can even mean burning up to 400 calories an hour!

Do you have any sneaky ways to be active on days you can’t actually workout? Share them with everyone below!


  • Ina Turner

    Tamera,I am so loving all your blogs,they are so helpful,they either confirm things that I am doing or something that I should be doing. lol.
    I love walking for workout,I am also a yard person love working in my flower garden and you are so right my muscles are sore the next day.

  • Tiera

    Yes. I love stairs keeps me young, I park at the end of every parking lot, I purposefully make several trips to and from the dryer to my bedroom to fold and put away clothing, I turn yard work into gym time and I always walk after the last meal of the day :) Good info!


  • tiffany todd

    My husband and i drive a semi and i find that climbing up and down 6′ off the ground can be a great workout especially multiple times a day

  • Envyme Witt

    I have older kids and they love going to the pool….so I’ve started swim races with them….just like u said the next morning my arms were soar but as the summer went by my arms were getting toned….I knew it was working when my husband noticed the change….look out Michelle Obama lol.
    Also when taking my son to the play ground I no longer sit on the bench and watch….I play tag with him as well as socker or just shooting some hoops, I even get on the swings with him.

  • abby

    Tamera I just love your tips,i was pulling some weeds in the week and my legs are still sore, but I love to work in the garden I also love the stairs and like to count the steps as I am going up , my son used to walk with me in the evening, but he has now evening classes after work and my hubby works late now I don’t have a walking partner but I do a lot of running around in the house so I think I do get enough exercise, I was today at my spa and I got a compliment about my weight and how much kilo’s i’ve lost but I still sit with one problem Tamera and that is my muffin top. some tips for that Tamera?

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Enjoyed reading this. Excellent article.

  • Jennifer Torres

    Love this Tamera! I ended up putting baby gates on all doorways in my home so I always have to step over them! I do squats and abs in between commercials, thats new lol started that two weeks ago! I live on the second floor so I walk stairs too!!

  • Mirlanda Joachim

    Hey my name is Mirlanda I made th e decision about 8 months ago to start living a healthy lifestyle through working out eating right and being extremely serious. I lost over 45 pounds and I couldnt be more proud of myself. After I got my results I thought I should share with my world my meal and exercise plan for free. If you need help I would love to help you. Contact me at mirlandajoachin@gmail.com

  • I love your tips! I definitely actually take an evening stroll at least 3-4 times a week and I am definitely one person for settling parking in the vack of the lot in order to get a few extra minutes of walking in