A Letter to My Fans

Over the past couple weeks I’ve received more comments, emails, and messages than ever and I wanted to address a few of you guys because I don’t get the chance to do that very often. If you watch The Real you might’ve seen that recently we all got up close and personal about how guilt can hold us back in our lives, making it hard to make our New Years wishes come true. I mentioned my desire to go a little easier on myself, and talked about how I’ve experienced mom guilt from being a working momma away from my little ones so much. At the time, I knew that of course lots of other working moms could relate, but boy did it finally sink in!

Tamera Mowry Dressing Room on The Real

Photos of my family in my dressing room at The Real.

It’s true that on social media there are plenty of people who aren’t into hearing about motherhood, who don’t relate to raising two young children who are my everything, but what I’ve seen lately is that all of you who DO relate, who felt supported by MY feelings and who in turn supported me, outweigh the naysayers.

Tamera Mowry Dressing Room on The Real

I’ve received a ton of inspiring messages and stories but a few really touched my heart and I wanted to share and just say thanks to them and everyone else who has spread positivity already this year – whether it was to me or just by inspiring a mom friend or anyone who needs it. I hope that everyone who reads this can be inspired by your amazing messages too :)

Lauren B said, Today I watched the clips about guilt on The Real’s YouTube channel. I watched them as I sat in the “Mother’s Lounge” pumping at work. Your words resonated deeply with me. As I watched, I knew my husband was waking up our daughter and getting her ready for the day. I long to be there in the mornings. I feel guilt for leaving her day in and day out to provide for our family. I worry that she’ll love her dad more than me. The feelings you expressed and the words of encouragement that Jeannie, Loni, and Adrienne shared were very beneficial to me today. Especially coming back to work from a wonderful vacation. I needed that extra boost to help me carry on. 

Phebby Z said, I remember as a child missing my mother but looking forward to her coming home and sharing with us all her experiences. She has a huge sense of humor and the moment she got home, it was like she never even left. Because, she would just shower us with love and play catch up on whatever was going on in our lives individually. In my eyes my mother is the best mother ever! We’ve all grown up to be strong women and men and nobody has any issues as a result. All of us kids agree that between mother and daddy, we got the best parents ever! …From one woman to another, those little blessings you have are always looking forward to your coming home and telling them all about your day. Don’t think you have to make up for lost time without them! Just be there when the time allows according to your schedule and play and lather them with as much LOVE as you can.

Juliette said, As mothers we always want to do more and be the best we can be and not everyone is going to agree with how we raise our children, but then not everyone will understand the things we give up to make sure our families want and need for nothing. Even if it means missing out on a few things here and there… Be proud of the mom you’ve become because trust me it’s so worth it in the long run when they turn to you and say, thank you mom… Continue to be who you are never let the negativity disrupt that.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who chooses to lift other women up instead of tearing them down. You inspire me.


  • KirstaFort

    I’m not a mom yet, but I love how open you are about sharing your beautiful family photos and expressing your love for your husband and little ones.

  • Kateline Dominguez-Green

    Hi Tamera!
    I completely understand and relate to you because I have to beautiful boys (2 1/2 and 3 month old) and I have to go back to work and two weeks. I feel like I am going to miss on a lot of things and I know is going to be hard for me to be away from them for must part of the day. I like to watch The Real because of all of you ladys and all the advises that comes from you. I record every episode and watch it before going to bed with my youngest :)
    Thank you for just being you.

  • Shania Strickland

    From a teenagers point of view, I have seen and been through the parents not being there for their children. They don’t make time to be there and talk to their kids or play with them, but there is a huge difference between not wanting or making an effort to be there and not able to or trying to be there. I come from a blended, mixed, chaotic family. My mom owns her own business and works so hard to provide for me by herself pretty much with my stepdad. My father does whatever he wants and does not care. I may not truly understand why my mom can’t take time off to spend with me and talk to me, but I do know she wants to because I can tell. We can sense the difference between wanting and not trying. You are like my mother in a way. You are very busy providing for your family, that it is hard to always be there like you want to, but they know you want to. You show them that when you get home and you take time to enjoy that time with them. Whether if it be a little amount of time or a lot, you take time to do it. That is what mothers do and they know that. You don’t have to prove nothing to nobody, because they are not the ones in your house or the parents to your beautiful babies, you are! That is the most precious gift no matter what! We all know that and so do you!

  • Krysta Prayag-Simon

    Watched this video about guilt and felt same way. My husband takes care of my little one while I go to work. But deep inside I know that everything I do is for him. Love watching The Real videos. I love how you girls express freely your feelings and your faith. Thanks for being Real even if you know haters gonna react. But who cares if you all know God will always be by your side to support and help you to do what has to be done. Be blessed, Krysta ( Mauritius Island)

  • Thomas Shelli

    I’m bawling right now…because Im going through this…I worry my child will love the daycare worker more than me…my heart breaks every morning…thank you for sharing…love Rochelle

  • Intangible_Me?

    As a single mother, this is me quite often! I’m struggling, underpaid and over worked. My mother is a drug addict and also the only person I could get to watch my babies while I go out and strive. (It’s either her or sit and get welfare and I’m not built to wait in a check month to month). I worry most when I’m working 6 am- 8pm because by the time I make it home it’s their bed time and I don’t get to spend much time with them. I start to feel like a failure. But that one day out the week when I get to be with them, we play, we talk, we love I feel it’s worth it! I just hope and pray they understand and I make it to a point where I don’t have to work as hard and not ground. Their my everything and it hurts for me to feel like the only thing mommy does is work and sleep.

  • Asuun