8 Must-Read Books for Fall

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book. Being transported to another world and living vicariously through the characters on the pages…it’s magical. That’s why I’ve loved the Twilight and Hunger Games series, and have tried to bring the same kind of excitement to Tia and my book series, Twintuition. But my love of books doesn’t stop with fiction – there are so many delectable cook books, heartfelt tales and hilarious short stories that can carry you through any season. This fall, here are 8 books that are worthy of your time.

The Happiness Project

1) The Happiness Project – This book tells the story of author Gretchen Rubin, who realizes one day that her life had been passing her by. Determined to change this, she dedicates an entire year towards improving her happiness. Focused on all aspects of her life, from marriage to career to money, she makes little changes along the way and documents the results throughout the book. 

100 Days of Real Food

2) 100 Days of Real Food – This cookbook is just what you need if you’re hoping to embrace a healthy diet and do it on a budget. 100 Days of Real Food shares one family’s decision to abandoned processed, packaged goods for wholesome, fresh foods. It’s loaded with recipes that look absolutely delicious. 

Lean In

3) Lean In – Lean In has been out for some time, but it is definitely worth the read. Sheryl Sandberg explains why women need to step up and believe in themselves. It’s all about finding your confidence and not backing down from what you want. Her motivational prose and these career success tips will inspire you to take a step towards greatness.  

If I Stay

4) If I Stay – Adapted for the big screen, If I Stay is an emotional tale of a girl who forgets her past after an accident. Trying to piece it all together, she discovers what love, family and life truly mean. Stories like this always seem to put life into perspective. 

The Invention of Wings

5) The Invention of Wings – From the author of The Secret Life of Bees, this book tells the story of a young girl who is given a slave for her 11th birthday. It’s a tale of discovery, love, guilt, hardship and a complete mix of emotions as their lives change one another’s over the 35 years they spend together. I’m thinking you’ll need a box of tissues close by for this one.

The Best Yes

6) The Best Yes – Author Lysa TerKeurst helps you discover how to overcome an overwhelmed soul by using your faith to guide you in making the best decisions for yourself without enduring feelings of guilt and indecision. Since Fall is a season of change, it’s also a great time to work on being a better you.  


7) Mockingjay I can’t help but include the last installment of the Hunger Games series. If you haven’t read any of the trilogy, this fall is the time to catch up! These stories tell of a determined and brave Katniss, who no matter how hard she fights to protect her family and friends, always seems to struggle against the oppressive Capitol. I couldn’t put these books down and the ending is phenomenal! 

How to Know God Exists

8) How to Know God Exists – This is an exceptional book for reaffirming your faith in the Lord. It’s been out for years, but is always worthy of another read. If you’re ever having moments of doubt, author Ray Comfort will guide you towards the light and understanding (with the help of scientific evidence) that God does exist and he touches each of our lives.

What are you reading? Share your favorite reads with me below! 


  • Xenia LaEquis Ruiz

    Nice selection… Have only read one of these, embarrassed to say IF I STAY.. have u read a CHOOSE ME by XENIA RUIZ

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    The Best Yes … & If I Stay, Sounds Like 2 Great Books. Will check it out.

  • Tiffany Willis

    I’m definitely gonna pick up a few of these books. I ♥ books!!!!

  • Alisha

    I recently read “Can a Girl Get a Break” by new Author SunShyne B. and its a really great book…it sucks you in, once I started reading I didn’t want to put it down…I was able to relate to it because it dealt with real life situations love, lust, trust, relationships and at the same time it will made me laugh! Its just an awesome book. I also visited the website and read the testimonials of other people that read the book and it is getting great reviews! Some people even compared it to stories like Twilight and Harry Potter in the sense it keeps you on your toes and locked in guessing what will happen next. The website is pretty cool too it contains merchandise related to the book like scented candles, lip balm , bubble bath and lots more! I think you will love it! This Author did an awesome job catching the attention of young adults as well as their parents! http://www.canagirlgetabreak.com

  • abby

    Hi Tamera I just love a good book and I LOVE to live myself into that book, I’ve been extremely busy the last couple of days and there was not much time for curling up with a good book, for now I just read my bible and I do get a monthly Christian magazine through the post that I also read through my busy day. Thanks for your beautiful site Tamera keep on posting. God Bless,

  • Cassie

    Tamera you have to read L.A. Banks “The Vampire Hiuntress” her books are like no other I’ve ever read! I’ve read all the Harry Potter, Left Behind, Twilight and so many more brilliant writers and none have captivated more than her books. They are Brilliant and a must read!

  • Flora

    I’ve read #1, 2, 5 and 7. The Invention of Wings was one of THE BEST books I read this year? My next read will be The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

  • Sarah

    Tamera! Glad to see #8 on the list! I know there are many celebs who are under pressure to give up their faith, but keep strong the faith! God bless you and all your fam!

  • mikki kornegay

    Ted Dekker’s book A.D. 30. The ministry of Jesus (Yeshua) on earth and how affected those who encountered Him. A Novel that blessed me and drew me in closer to the Messiah!

  • Hey Tamera! Just wanted to share a book that my husband and I are featured in – 101 Secrets to a Happy Marriage by Thomas Nelson (a trademark of HarperCollins). We’re happy about it: http://bindeed.blogspot.com/2015/02/101-secrets-to-happy-marriage-book.html

  • Rhonda

    Those are some great reads. Loved if i stay.! I have a few just for you, well..& all women who love some Love, Magic& Mystery. I promise you’ll love these: THREE SISTERS ISLAND/NORA ROBERTS.ALSO BY N.R.”THE DONOVAN LEGACY COLLECTION”& LASTING IMPRESSION”INN BOONSBORO TRILOGY”. YOU WILL THANK ME IF YOU’LL JUST TRY EM. YOU’RE A VERY SPECIAL WOMAN w/allot of love, great values & forgiving heart! + allot more. All wives, mothers & grandmothers make mistakes so use em as a lesson & we’ll do better next time! God Bless XO

  • Cynthia

    I’m a tad bit late, I just subscribed, but here’s what I’m reading! It’s a great read!!!