5 Things to Know Before Going Natural

At times, short, natural African-American hair has been frowned upon in the entertainment industry, but luckily many fierce women are stepping up and embracing what momma gave them. And it’s not just celebs–women are ditching weaves and relaxers and going au natural

I have been absolutely in LOVE with my natural hair since I cut it short. When I took the plunge it felt liberating…and necessary if I wanted to get rid of all the damaged, chemically-treated hair on my head. And like many others, I’m happy to say goodbye to burnt straight hair and hello to thick healthy curls! It’s the perfect way to embrace the real me. 

5 Things To Know Before Going Natural

But before you get your hair did all naturalista fro, there are a few things to consider. Care, cost, and your hair type can all put a kink in your style if you’re not prepared before the big chop. If you’re looking to go natural, but are on the fence, below are five things to know before giving your stylist the green light.

  1. Natural hair does’t necessarily mean easy hair – A misconception is that shorter hair means low maintenance, but when you go from relaxed hair to tight curls, it can actually require more care and time. The longer your curls get, the more care they will need. Think washing, detangling, then styling–for your ideal look we’re talking patience and commitment.
  2. Washing can be done 2-3 times a week – While many stylists say you shouldn’t wash your hair frequently, with coarser hair, you’ll want to shampoo, condition and let the natural hydrating powers of water work their magic. Washing twice a week when you have really short hair will lock in the moisture and help with the styling process–we all want good hair days, right? Lol. But don’t wash too much…overdrying looks good on no one!
  3. Your drying routine may change – The days of wrapping your hair in a towel and then rubbing out water are over. To keep your curls intact and your texture perfect, you’ll want to dry your locks by dabbing them gently with a towel, or even better, using the t-shirt trick. Then use your fingers to comb through any tangles and separate curls for quicker drying.
  4. Your hair may change over time – If you’re going natural for the first time in years, then you may be surprised how the texture of your hair has changed. Your once magic product and styling routine can deliver less than thrilling results, especially as your curls get longer. Your hair may need more moisture through weekly deep conditionings and more detangling and trims because products quit working. Just don’t be surprised if your hair doesn’t possess the same texture as it did in your childhood.
  5. You’re not limited – If you’re fearful of going natural because you think you’ll be stuck with one hair style, forget that! One of the best parts about embracing my natural hair is the prospect of mastering some incredibly gorgeous looks. I’ve been swooning over mohawk braids and am dying to give them a try! It also means testing out new clothing styles and accessories–The earrings you once loved that peeked out of your hair can be replaced with those droplets you’ve been dying to buy.

Do you have tips or questions about going natural? Share them below in the comments! 


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  • Ky

    Love this! You can even co-wash with conditioners instead of always shampooing, which can sometimes strip your hair of moisture. Also, after washing I like to hold the moisture in with oils. They really help me since my hair is longer to keep it all hydrated and promote a nice shine. Natural hair is so unique, I love the different ways we can use to take care of it:)

  • Ebony Wallace

    Great TIPS for people who are thinking about going natural! I am NATURAL and I found these things out AFTER going natural. Great THINGS TO KNOW!

  • Shirley Davis

    Great tips! I big chopped it a year and a half ago and have been enjoying and learning my hair ever since. I like to say that my hair is taking me on the ride–I’m just taking in the view as I go! :)

    • Laquitta

      November will make 2 yrs. natural for me. I transitioned first until I was ready for the chop off. I’m happy to say, I love it. I can be naturally curly or still flat iron for the straight look. Blessings. ..

  • Maegan Shaniah

    I am currently 8 months in (with no relaxer) and considering my options to continue with no perm or go back to the chemicals. Thanks for sharing this information! :) #haveaGREATday

    • Sally Camara

      Don’t go back! It’s hard work but you will love the benefit from it in the long term. BUT if you feel like it easier to take care of your hair while it’s permed and that it’s easier and healthier that way then you do what you have to do for your hair ! :)

  • Morenike Agiri

    I chopped off all my hair a little over a year ago. I was nervous because I didn’t cut off the relaxed hair gradually. I chopped it all off at once. I am so happy because it has grown quite long and thick. I stay away from using too many products though. I use dove shampoo about twice a week and pure coconut oil everyday for moisture and shine. It’s great to know my hair is healthy, just the way it is supposed to be.

  • NAF

    I love how you feel liberated after embracing your natural curls. When I got locs it felt like a rites of passage from the time period when I was hiding my low self esteem behind almost eye length straight bangs.

  • Rue

    I love my natural hair! Protective styling helpd too. :)

  • Rue

    I love my natural hair! Protective styling helps too. :)

  • RandyJessica Stephens

    you do not have to cut your permed ends if you do not want too!!! i transitioned for 3 years and being a person who has allways had long hair i did not want to just chop off my hair there are easier ways to deal with transitioning i have a youtube video as i have givin out tips to deal with transitoning hair the easy way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnTAtCb-Eic

  • angela

    Helpful. I have been natural for over 10 years now. : )

  • Shannon

    I’ve been natural for just about 3 years. I didn’t ‘big chop’ until about two years of letting my hair grow out. I absolutely love my hair!!!! Surprisingly, it is actually more work involved in caring for my locs now versus when I had a relaxer, but I love the process nonetheless. I experiment with styles everyday and I’m enjoying the natural me! Thanks for sharing Tamera and I love the website!

  • Christina B.

    I’ve been natural for about 2 years. Although I love it things can get very frustrating with the misconceptions of curly/kinky hair from other people. People say “your hair is nappy” or “you need to comb your hair”. My hair is curly in the front and back but it is kinky in the middle.So how to you deal with the negativity?

  • Stephinie J.

    This makes year four for me. I started out great, but then I decided to press my hair and did not use any pressing oil and caused severe damage to my hair. I had to cut about 6 inches of my hair off, but I had at least 8 inches left so I did not feel like I did not big chop all over. But now my once thick and flowwy hair is now medium thick and not as flowwy. Make sure you do not take short cuts because you are lazy. You will regret it in the end!!!

  • Chery Ryan

    I love wearing my hair natural too – but mostly in the summer. In the winter I will take the time to have it blow dried. But in the summer I will just wash and go, and that’s as much as I would have to do to style it. A good wash in the shower and I’m good to go. It’s beautiful and less maintenance than having it blow dried regularly. Wash and wear, it’s that easy and that simple.

  • avonda

    I have hair similar to your nephew Cree. I have NEVER found a good hair product. What do you and your sister use? I have issues with frizzy hair. OMG my curls shrink so much my hair looks like I have a bob cut and my hair is much longer than a bob. I love my natural hair but…. I dont know what products to use. Help.

    • Shaneka

      I have had issues with frizzy hair too. I just found a new product when I went on a trip to GA that I have been using for about a month that has been a lifesaver for my frizz problems. Depending on where you live it may be hard to find in stores but I found it online at Drugstore.com for a great price ($5.99 a jar). The product is Palmers Coconut Oil hair pudding. I used to use gel but gel makes my hair stiff and crunchy and parts of my hair frizz sometimes. This product have my curls the moisture they needed while keeping them soft, bouncy, and hydrated with no frizz in sight. I hope the product works for you too!!

  • I love the t-shirt trick… :-)

  • Nana Ekua Adezewaa Dadzie

    Am really feeling a whole hesitant about cutting my hair m thinking I might not get my natural hair to be curly and soft is there any products you can suggest to make my natural hair soft and fluffy when I do cut it?

    • Stephanie

      Lots to make it soft, but curly is a different story. Curl puddings amd shampoos enhance ur natural curl. I found that out the hard way. I have coils, so some enhancers work great. It really just depends on ur texture. If it doesnt curl up naturally, try a twist-out, bantu knots, roller sets.

      • Nana Ekua Adezewaa Dadzie

        Thanks Stephanie

    • Lashawnna Collins

      You should check out Naptural 85 on You tube.

      • Nana Ekua Adezewaa Dadzie

        Thanks Lashawnna

  • Natural 5 years now and I have to say curls and coils suit my style and personality much better! If allows me to fully dedicate myself to natural products!

  • Shivonne Mesias

    I’ve just turned 30 and have never gone natural. Oh I vaguely recall a time before my teens that my hair may have been untreated but it’s a blur. I’ve never not relaxed and I’ve seriously been considering going natural but I’m afraid…so many what if’s…but reading your piece has made me a little more determined to try. The excitement of being on the brink of trying something new! #ThanksforSharing Xx

  • In high school I had straight hair, and now I have been natural for 7 years and I realize how the texture of my hair has changed. Thanks for sharing some great tips. I never heard of the t-shirt trick before.

    • Chicquita Moore

      I appreciate all the comments and help. I have been back and forth with going natural. The climate in live in seems to have an effect on my hair I have 2 girls and one is natural the other is not. When I relax it the perm seems not to last that long. Plus I’m tired of spending money and it only relaxes half of my hair. Right now I am 8 weeks post relaxer. I know that’s not long compared to others. How do you find out your hair type? What are some good people to follow on youtube? I appreciate any and all feedback, I’m trying to stick with it this time so my hair can be healthy

      • This site has a visual example of each hair type along with a brief explanation. It should help you figure out your hair type. It also provide product suggestions for each hair type.

        I follow these ladies on Youtube, but mostly I will just search the topic I was to learn more about.
        Naptural85 and she has a site Naptural85.com

        I hope that helps :)

  • Gabrielle Pennymon

    I transitioned from about 8 months then I did my big chop. So ive been natural for almost a year and a half .Not gonna lie I was terrified to cut my hair so short but now I have not look back and I have not regretted it once. I love my kinky curly hair. There are good hair days and there are some bad ones too. Im still learning about my hair and it made me embrace who I really am. If your afraid of doing the big chop my advice would be you can transition until your comfotable but it does take a little more extra care to avoid breakage where the relaxed and the natural hair meet. But it does give you good practice for when you do decide to be fully natural how to really care and style your hair. Good luck ro everyone in their hair journey!

  • Sally Camara

    Girls with 4c Hair do not wash your hair twice a week !! Our hair tends to get dry really fast (well most of us at least ). I honestly use shampoo once a month and co-wash my hair after my deep-conditionner once a week. Shampoo can be very drying to your hair. Over all great post Tamera !!!! :)

    • The WRONG shampoo can! Did you know co-washing can lead to yeast and fungus build-up on your scalp? There are no surfectants in them to rid your scalp of bacterial debris. Just something to consider!

      • UN

        What’s the right shampoo to use?

        • A sulfate- free shampoo with a pH in the range of 4.5-5.5. I ♡ Moisture Benefits by Elucence! It flies off my shelves!

        • Chyna

          I love mixed chics products

      • Sally Camara

        Yeah I know :) Thats why I also use apple cider vinegar it cleans your scalp great and then I shampoo once a month and my scalp had been fine ! But I think it’s different for everyone.

      • Alecia Vanee

        So when there were no shampoos or conditioners, what did people use? Nuts and Berrys *Sry had to throw in my Coming to America reference. I honestly only shampoo my hair once a month and its using my own concoction that includes the apple cider vinager as well.

        • Kayla Ali Joseph

          I use a sulfate-free shampoo, henna, brahmi powder, shakakai powder and neem powder(Indian plants and leaves) and regular conditioner from the dollar store and mix it all up. sometimes I just use a really good deep conditioner and mix that up, or use it alone if I choose or feel like it. sometimes I go without henna; and then my oils and butters…shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, argon oil, extra virgin olive oil. But not all at once. That’s just list of natural products I use. My 4c hair is really benefitting from it. I wash it once a week(give or take a few days before or after), and then braid it up until the next wash and then watch my hair grow like fire! Before I went natural I had transitioned for about 8 months…I’ve been natural for a yr and 7 months…20 months minus the trans period.

      • Rocki Ferg

        so not true. havent used a shampoo in about 10 years…..no build up. i cowash and did a breast milk treatment (im lactating) when i had dandruff and it cleared it up

    • jenelle troy

      I’m lost about this 4c thing. What do these numbers mean and how do I know what I am?

      • Stanika-Sweet N Evil-Stewart

        Its the grade of your hair. U can be just 1 type like 4c or u can have a mixture of types like 4c and 4b. Heres a chart. Hope it help

        • jenelle troy

          That helps me out a lot. Thank you so much. Now I’m going to examine my hair to try and pin point my type

        • katondra price

          Wow! The chart really helped. I had no idea what everyone was talking about

      • Stanika-Sweet N Evil-Stewart


  • Darcie

    Happy & nappy here!!! Natural now for 3yrs. Must admit was tempted to go back to the relaxer a few times (easier to manage), however I remind myself of what made me ditch the weave and chemicals…my hair completely falling out, itchy sore scalp and costly series of visits to the dermatologist with him informing me that I was his 3rd African American female patient to come into his practice with the same issues within a month! I proclaimed “it can’t be from the relaxer and FULL weave, I’ve gotten my hair relaxed since the age of 8!” He said you’re allergic to the chemicals in the relaxer and I strongly advise you not to use again. What did that white male doctor know about my African American hair?! Well needless to say after another application of the relaxer, another trip to the dermatologist and NEEDING to wear a wig for TWO years straight, a lot of praying, treatments, allowing my hair & scalp to rest & heal I have a full, thick, healthy head of hair!!! Straight hair isn’t worth it, but I had to learn the hard way!

  • Lerato Motaung Zincume Khubone

    I have just gone natural and struggling to get good products for my hai in SA .

  • Stephanie

    Best advice i can give…love yourself b4 you big chop. The reason i say that is bc society doesnt embrace natural hair if it isnt fine and have a soft curl. If its kinky, its frowned up. I love my hair. I guess i have a 4a 4b hair type. Who knows lol but when i big chopped, not everyone was supportive. It made me feel insecure bc i tied short hair with looking like a man. It took me about two weeks to feel comfortable with it and i love being natural. I have days when i want to go back to relaxers, bc i can b hard to detangle. But then i see how fast my hair is growing bc i leave out the harsh chemicals.

  • Jessie

    Scared. :/ but thinking of going for the big chop too because of damaged hair these tips are helpful

  • Erica

    When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped relaxing my hair. I have been relaxing my hair since I was 6yrs old. I never thought that I would make a huge decision like this (specially with my hair). It has been two years since I made that decision, and I have though all the 5 things you have mentioned. I know it going to be a struggle on styling my hair because having a Latin mom growing up who did not know how to deal with my hair, I will be learning through trail and error.
    Thank you for the great advice and can’t wait for what you have in store.

  • lakevia ward

    I’ve been natural for a year and 2months and I’m loving it although its alil hard work

  • Nala_S

    I got my last relaxer when I was about 6 or 7. I have been natural since, but I have been “actively” natural (really caring for my hair, having a regimen) for 2 years. Its been an interesting experience and I have learned to embrace who I am because of it. I am still learning every day, but I love it!! I love the fact that my hair is versatile and I can do almost whatever I want with it. I probably need to try drying with a T-Shirt though.

  • Nicole Miller

    I think its great u r natural! Ive been natural for a yr and transitioned for a year. I do think the need to wash varies by hair type. I can go wks without washing and longer in the winter. I do alternate between washing amd cowashing since shampoo strips ur hair. I also use shea moisture sulfate free shampoo. Welcome to the natural hair community! Being natural is so freeing!!!

  • Jewel Gould

    Moisture is always key. Some of my favorite oils are grape seed, coconut and almond. Low manipulation, protective styles, patience and water daily:)

    • Nikki Cauley

      Also olive oil and jojoba oil are great. Have you tried hot oil treatments with your favorite oils? Or even an oil rinse? My hair is so soft afterwards.

  • Alethea Sharea Dumas

    i transitioned from having relaxed hair for about nine years to going natural for about a year and some change and i absolutely love my natural hair. i admit the first month was a little rocky but once i got use to it i fell in love with my natural and my self esteem shot through the roof because i was embracing more of my natural self. i love u tamera by the way, u are so inspiring and such a phenomenal woman. u will always be my favorite mowry sister and i hope and pray god continues to bless u and ur beautiful little family you have.

  • Devora Monique Wills

    OK I have been natural for quite some time ow but always liked adding weave in my hair. So now the front of my hair has become a little heat damaged. I am located in the Fort Lauderdale area and want a good stylists to help me get the healthy 100% natural hair back. Or are there any other tips to help me with treating my hair.

    • Jane Kanogo

      Have you heard of t444z? Read more abut it and you can give it a try. It restores hair edges. I have been using it for just 2 weeks and am already seeing change.

  • Gozi Egbuonu

    Watch my girl naptural on youtube. Just search that handle and her fantastic videos will pop up with tons of tips and tricks for styling and maintaining healthy natural hair. Great post, Tamera!

    • Thando

      Natural is brave:)

  • Krystal Maria

    Depending on the natural oils that you hair builds up it may be more beneficial to do a co-wash instead of washing every 2 to 3 days. Always rinse out your conditioner with cold water ladies, it helps lock in that moisture! Also, look into pre-pooing your hair! It’s great for moisture.

    • UN

      What is pre-pooing?

      • Sally Camara

        A pre-poo is when you do a treatment to your hair before you wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo ( I recommended )..or a normal shampoo! For example you can do a hot oil treatment to your hair, let it sit for a while then wash your hair with shampoo!

  • leanna

    How can I find the right shampoo and conditioner for my hair I have tried several but nothing seems to work for my hair its thin & dry but when I pick it out its stiff and dry no Movement course like and I just cut the rest of the perm out ive been natural for about 6 months and still cant get my hair together

  • leanna

    Perms didn’t work for me either it would only take on one side of my hair but I really would prefer to stay natural and learn how to maintain it

  • Alana Patrice

    I’ve gone 3 months with out a relaxer and am transitioning. So afraid of the big chop yet so excited to get natural healthy hair! I’ve been doing twist outs and love my little afro I created…I plan getting braids in to grow out some more before the chop. I’m having a problem with keeping my locks moist tho :-(

    • Nikki Cauley

      YouTube! On there you will also find women who have websites that give WONDERFULLY informative advice! I was completely lost when I decided I wanted to transition and YouTube helped me GREATLY! Just keep watching videos and trying new moisture techniques until you find something that works for YOU and your more comfortable and educated about YOUR hair. Hope this helps.

  • Denea Jackson

    I started going natural because of the glue pulling tracks i use to wear. I had no hair after that. Im natural and loving it. I actually wash my hair 2-3 times a week with Pantene Pro-v. Its soo good. So you really just actually need a good conditioning shampoo and a leave in conditioner. And if you really want them natural curls to actually be longer than usual, go see ur gyno for prenatal pills, there the best. : )

  • Taheisha Wynter

    When going natural do you have to do a “Big Chop”?

    • Nikki Cauley

      Not at all. I’m a transitioner. I’m not in to the big chop. Always YouTube different styles for transitioning. You will see a lot of women on there you can follow. I’ve gotten some of my greatest lessons and ideas from YouTube. Just beware, keep an OPEN MIND and don’t give up if someone’s ideas or regimen doesn’t work for you. Just keep trying until you find one that works for YOUR hair.

  • Keundra

    I been natural for 3months and love it. I also got my sisters to go natural and they love it.

    • Nikki Cauley

      I convinced my Mom to do so as well! She did the big chop though and she loves it.

      • Keundra

        That’s good. Happy Natural!

  • Corrie Johnson

    I tell people “remember how your mother took care of your hair growning up” start that way. My mother would shampoo and condition my hair oil my scalp and braid or twist my hair up.I use the same technique on my hair along with some natural products. Natural going on 2 years.

  • Nikki Cauley

    I love to co wash my hair because my hair tends to be more on the dry side. I use natural shampoos once a month or less because it takes all of my hard earned moisture right out and before I use ANY shampoo, I pre poo FOR SURE. I have turned to learning more about oils and which ones seal better. I wash/ co wash my hair ONCE week BUT I’ve heard of some women washing/co washing more. It DEFINITELY depends on YOUR hairs ability to handle those number of washes a week. I am truly thankful for the chance to go natural. I’m a transitioned so no big chop for me. I’d love to take my transitioning period to learn more about my hair, it’s texture and what works best for ME. A truly liberating experience. LOVE AND HUGS

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Kapri Alehia

    I transitioned for 22 months and just big chopped on june 27th of this yeat so ive almost been completely natural for a full month. I love my hair now compared to when I was relaxed. I have 3c/4a hair and I struggle with having dry hair (even wjen i was relaxed) any suggestions?

  • Tacarra May

    i went natural for 3 years without chopping my hair. then when it got longer i cut off the permed hair. all you really need is keratin shampoo and conditioner. and keep your hair greased. your hair will become soft and grower longer if you clip your ends every 2-3 months. i love my natural look. also look into keratin flat-irons. it works with one swipe. my hair looks like i got a perm. humidity doesn’t mess my hair up at all. try it and see the results!!!!!!!!

  • kaya robinson

    Ok so I perm my hair once a month and I always get chemical Burns. My hair is very coare and I’ve thought about going natural but my hair isn’t for going natural. Reason I say this is because I’ve tried bt all my hair does is get nappy and tangled up. How can I get my hair to go natural when I do cut it off. Any advice ?

    • You should let your scalp heal. Proper relaxer techniques should never result in chemical burns! They aren’t doing it right!

  • Marquita Manciel

    As a professional stylist with over 20 years experience with both relaxed and natural hair, what I find is the common denominator in “breaking, damaged and thinning’ hair is the quality of stylist and proper product usage. Relaxed hair can be long, healthy and shiny! Conversely, natural hair can be dry, brittle and unmanageable. With a stylist who has extensive training and experience with your hair type you can achieve the best looking and behaving tresses! Be aware that the product you use may not be bad, just wrong for your hair! I always say beauty begins in the bowl, a pH balanced shampoo (not a co-wash, that’s like showering with lotion!) creates the optimal environment for your conditioners and styling aids to work their magic!

  • Chicquita Moore

    I appreciate all the comments and help. I have been back and forth with going natural. The climate in live in seems to have an effect on my hair I have 2 girls and one is natural the other is not. When I relax it the perm seems not to last that long. Plus I’m tired of spending money and it only relaxes half of my hair. Right now I am 8 weeks post relaxer. I know that’s not long compared to others. How do you find out your hair type? What are some good people to follow on youtube? I appreciate any and all feedback, I’m trying to stick with it this time so my hair can be healthy

    • I have no angst with YouTube, but there is no substitute for a professionals touch! You wouldn’t go to a YouTube Dr or Dentist, would you? No, of course not! Research someone in your area with the expertise your looking for! Your hair will thank you for it!

  • Ariel McMiller

    I have did the big cut and I hate my hair.. I don’t know what styles to really do with my hair… any advice or help please.. anyone?!

    • Nyesha Allsmiles Climpson

      Maybe wearing braids or sew-ins but if you want to wear your natural hair out, you can go on YouTube they have a lot of natural hair tips

  • Stephanie B

    Don’t want anyone disappointed but I am very proud of who I am with my relaxed hair!! I think feeling good about yourself is a self esteem issue that has nothing to do with your hair!! I was once happy to be nappy when I was younger but now that I have a choice I refuse to go back to that simply to define who I am!! I am a strong, beautiful, educated black woman who knows and understands and respects her roots, but I’m sorry I refuse to go back!!! Much love to all my natural AND relaxed sistas!!!

    • Nyesha Allsmiles Climpson

      There is nothing wrong with your statement and hair shouldn’t define who a person is. I my self is natural but I would never try to force some one to be natural

    • Yaya2012

      I love this. You don’t know how many times the naturals attack me. Yes attack/verbally. “Are you ashamed to be black?” “You’re turning white.” Do you know how many chemicals are in those products?” Some of them are more worried about the chemicals in their head than the genetically modified foods they put in their mouths. Don’t get me started on the natural cig smokers! I love my hair, and my husband loves it even more. Yes, I went completely bald in high school and my fellow black classmates teased me on the daily!

      • Rocki Ferg

        Im a natural cig smoker. my mom is, granny was too! i went natural before the trend. i was in high school too. so i decided “take me as i am/i am not my hair” would be my new motto. im not a part of the “life-style” people are going natural to be in. i think thats fake and phoney and its pointless to have natural hair and your mind still be processed. its about being you how you wanna be, not following behind a trend, celeb or blogger. I am me, natural 12 years now and im not even 30 yet. oh and i was natural before i started smoking.

    • That is so true Stephanie. Just like about everything else, going natural (or not) is a matter of preference. It’s a free world after all! Just like what some of our readers shared (http://www.naturalhaircarenews.com/category/readers-spotlight/), our hair should not define the entirety of our being. So long as you’re happy with your preference there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.

    • Kevin Bacon

      Do you. It pisses me off how natural hair nazis force their hair beliefs on everybody especially relaxed females

  • Melissa

    Hey Tamera! I have really curly thick 3b hair and im really considering chopping it all off! I’m a little scared to do it because there would be no going back. But I’m loving your hair so I’m not sure if it’s too bold of a move. I’ve tried leaving my hair down and its just a hot mess! It gets way more curly and frizzy. I’ve tried alot of hair products to try and contain it but it’s just bad. Is there anything you can recommend? Thank you for your time! :)

  • Antionette Antoine

    I’M going natural after terraced on and OFF weaves. I’M proud to SAY that my hair is more beautiful than ever! Although I hate the curls I have my BABY hair BACK!!

  • Terrinique

    Aww Tamera! I absolutely adore you. Would love to send you some Kurlee Belle Natural Hair Care products. They are inspired by hair recipes from The Bahamas… and I know your mom is Bahamian. You should give us a try. http://www.kurleebelle.com

  • Kennisha H.

    Hi, Tamera!

    I promise I’m not one to post ads, and I deeply apologize if this seems inappropriate. A new children’s book author is about to release an amazing ] book for girl’s with natural hair. It’s called “My hair is not nappy; it’s Unique.” I really wanted to share this because I believe it will inspire many girls– of all ethnicities– to embrace their natural hair and respond positively to bullying. I would love to send a copy to you to read and review. I think it’s something you may enjoy!

    I’m natural as well, and I appreciate the journey! God bless you ladies!

    Kennisha Hill

  • aaliyah jones

    I been natural for 1/2 know and its hard but I love my hair natural know.

  • aaliyah jones

    I love been natural

  • Gaby E

    Hi! Thanks for this topic. I recently chopped my natural curly hair…myself. I wanted to ask the types of hair cuts or styles for ones face shape. I feel that the way my hair is cut doesn’t fit me. Its shorter in the front sides and a bit longer towards the back. Shoulder length. Pls help. Thanks. Gaby

  • Shenika Dyson

    I am five months post relaxed. I’ve had some hair breakage early on and now I am starting to get some growth. I told my husband I will hang it there. I really can’t wait to get some length so I can do my big chop.


    My hair was naturally curly when I was younger until my mother put a perm in my hair. I haven’t had a perm since September 2012. My problem is my right side of my hair curls but on the left side of my hair I have a pack of hair that wont curl. I had asked my beautician if I should cut it all off and start over but she was explaining to me that it could be just how my hair is and asked me if I slept on that side alot I do but its frustrating. Dont knw what to do any suggestions.


    What are good products to use to curl your hair and to keep curls ,its so many products to choose from

  • jenelle troy

    Really helpful. I actually read every post because I’m really new to this natural thing. It was something that I just up and switched to and I love it. I’m currently transitioning and its not as hard as I thought. My last perm was around November of last year. I actually kept a sew in for about 4 months and my hair had grew so much that I made the choice to be done with chemicals and heat. At first my hair was half natural and half relaxed, now I have about 30% relaxed. I’ve been considering chopping that off because I believe I’m comfortable with the length I have of natural. But I think I will continue to just cut an inch or 2 here and there. My hair has been very easy to manage, I’m currently in a phase of twist outs. I use hair milk and water. I’m trying different products to find what fits me best as far as cost and results. I just purchased bs one cantu products so I’ll try them tonight. I love myself natural and I get so many compliments. My best friend has decided to take this natural journey with me after seeing my results so we encourage one another.

  • Brittany Grimes

    Hello Mrs. Tamera, I think it is Awesome you made this website, you and your sister are a huge inspiration to me and my twin and other individuals around the world, which I’m sure you all probably know that by now. I just thought you guys should know that even when you don’t think you impact others lives, you really do. You guys keep up the fantastic work, keep inspiring people, always keep god first, and never lose faith and you will forever be successful.

    Love and be loved, and remember twinning is winning.

  • sexyasstruth

    I’m about a 3b/3c hair type and my hair keeps shedding even though I cut it and it grows. Keeps stripping and in the summer I use heat once a month or I wait til fall. What to do? I’m tired of buns and braiding my hair overnight to have it Look nice the first two days then dry n frizz after

  • I would have left the front longer in retrospect when I did my own big chop. It was tough styling really short curly hair for the first time. Also I never shampoo only condition and it has been the best thing since Jesus for my hair that used to tangle easily while relaxed!!!

  • Cheryl John

    I have gone natural now for I believe three years and I love it. I got in front of the bathroom mirror and chopped it all off. My hair grew fast when I had the short hair cut with the perm. I deep condition my hair twice a month. This was the best thing that I have ever done and it is low maintenance for me. I went to a hair show last year in Orlando, Fl and came across a product for natural hair. I use a product called DNA a leave- in -conditioner spray, hair butter(moisturizer for all natural hair textures),and defining custard for spiral, wavy, kinky and coily hair. I also cut my own hair to suit my face. I have put color in my hair but eventually I will let the gray come out. I will not be going back to the perm ever because natural is my new found love.

  • Nolwenn

    I really wish we’d see more afro women au naturel, because usually the industry shows us women with weaves when in public (see Tia and her show… she is au naturel when at home but her character has relaxed hair…).
    It IS a lot of work, even short, and I really appreciate the tips you share: thank you.

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  • Kiterria

    I’m now attempting to transition, but I’m terrified to do the big chop. I really want my hair to reach a certain length before I cut off my relaxed hair. I love the length and look of Tamera’s natural hair cut right now. I recently cut my hair into a bob, but I’m just coming up on my 6th month with no relaxer. I’m thinking of just trying the sew-in method for a few months to avoid breakage.

    If anyone have any other protective styling ideas for me or good websites to obtain information, please share. I would really appreciate it :).

  • Pamela Goins

    Went natural four months ago…loving it !!!

  • Odette

    This is my second time going natural. My first time I did the big chop without doing my research first. That lasted a year before I went back to relaxing my hair. I had a relaxer since I was 10 and went natural for the first time at age 26. It was scary…i didn’t know what products to use, the texture of my hair or even how to style it. I am 35 and it is my 2nd time around. It’s been 8 months and doing it by transitioning instead of the big chop( that at times made me feel like a guy). It’s not easy but so much more healthier. My hair before I decided to transition was in the middle of my back but thin and dry. Still trying to figure out how to style my hair during transitioning so I can decrease the breakage. Wigs really effect my edges and not in a good way. My hair is a mixture of 3c and 4a. My current stuggle is finding easy styles that are trendy and looks good on me. I am in a world I have never been in before…..how do i style my natural hair without damaging it more? The braids didn’t work it actually broke my hair off even more

  • Barbara Marcelle

    My hair just started growing back after sixteen treatments of chemo. I was completely bald. I have breast cancer. I have decided to go natural. No more chemicals for me. I already love my short curls.Thank you for your 5 tips on going natural. Much appreciated.

    • tameram

      Hi Barbara, so happy to hear you’re going natural and loving it. My prayers are with you during your fight with cancer. Stay strong, Love. And God Bless.

      • Barbara Marcelle

        Thank you tameram

  • katondra price

    I want to know if my hair is more likely to break off or become damaged by wearing it in it’s natural tightly coiled afro style. I do not comb it but finger through the tight curls each morning with AS I AM BUTTERCREAM or coconut oil. Sometimes the little curls come out on my fingers.

  • Guest

    Everytime I get my hair relaxed They get ruined And I have to Cut them a bit … I always wondered ho you Girls Can get them so silky And strage. … so Now my Hair are quote short Can tu suggestivo me ho to Style them?

  • Laura Mannucci

    I Live in italy And here there ‘ s nothing. ..for our hair…. it’s so hard to find someone Who Can Cut And Style you Hair correctly. …. or give you advices on what product to use… I ve never had Hair Long silky straight Hair. …. never…

    • jineat

      Oh there has to be something there. I’m Ole’ Skool and my mother used olive oil on my hair and vo5 products. You might have to look for things that will work like Redken has a leave in or wash out conditioner called smooth down. There are some conditioners that work both like a conditioner and moisturizer. Don’t be fooled girl. I know some Italians with coarse kinky hair and they use relaxers and get smoothing treatments.

  • delly

    hello, my haire is really short and going natural will be hard for me but i wanna do it, i work where i have to always be professional and look professional , so i dont know what styles to try , i have sewed in tracks at the moment

  • tierra

    So if I don’t cut my hair. Can I still go natural??

  • Ms.Gomes™

    *Any/All advice and ideas are not only welcome, but desperately needed…
    I’ll try to be as brief as possible :-)

    I’m mixed raced & growing up my parents never really knew how to properly manage or care for my hair type, although it wasn’t for a lack of trying. My mother would have me frizzed out while my father would have me greased down. Ultimately this resulted in many future relaxers for me, along with bad hair care habits…
    Fast forward to the present & I’m now 28 years old & still have those same bad hair care habits alone with no idea what products I should be using! I have however learned from multiple bad experiences & done a little research…

    •I haven’t relaxed my hair in about 2yrs
    •I blow dry & straighten my hair once a week while giving my hair a break for the last week of the month.
    •I sometimes wear clip in extensions
    •According to the texture charts my hair texture would closet to a 3c.
    •My hair is long but it’s definitely damaged & it’s not growing like usual.

    If anyone can suggest which products to try, it would be greatly appreciated! I basically need new everything! Lol Thanks in advance! :-)

    • jineat

      I’m not mixed but I have an easy to manage natural grade 4c hair. I suggest you try looking at sunkissalba you tube videos or natural neicey. I’m not sure if I spelled them right but they should pop up. Me myself I use mixed chicks and shea moisture products with eco styler. My natural hair looks like I have a curl so I try not to use a lot of the products just enough to moisturize style and go and air dry.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you VERY much, I’ll definitely look into that ASAP!

  • Chloe

    Hey! So i permed my hair 2 months ago and the length is pretty long now, I would say around the Chest area? Since I naturally have super thick hair, I really want to cut it short, about shoulder length so it won’t be heavy (I’ve cut my hair short before)
    Im concern that once I cut it that short, the curls will be gone as now only my ends are wavy/curly. Will the curls come back after I cut that much of my hair??

  • Shelia Beale

    I haven’t had a perm since Feb 2014. I’m going natural for the first time,but my hair has been really shedding bad. I still have a little perm at the ends what doing do? What do you suggest? My nmeis shelia

  • Prettylady Green

    heeeeyyyyyyyyyy im just wondering because ive been relaxing my girls hair, now their 6&7 what do I do? what do I buy? what type of products do I need to start using……..

  • Mekdes Gebremedhn

    when ever i wash my hair its fine but when its dry it goes up into a afro and gets tangled and my curls barelys show help

  • Crystal Williams

    I have not had a perm since April 2014 and chopped the perm off November 2014. I don’t have curly coily hair like everyone else it is very soft fro why don’t I have curly coily hair ?

  • kamia wardlaw

    Tamera what do you use to keep your natural hair curly and in cute beautiful styles and what do you use to help it grow. LOVE ❤ kamia Wardlaw , email:kamiawardlaw@ymail.com

  • derica

    Thank you this really help because I just went natural I didn’t know what to do
    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡ thanks you so much $♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i hope i just get my hair back just tell me

  • delores sullivan

    I’m a 63 year old african americam woman chop my hair because it was thin had breast cancer and cancer free but my hair seems to not to get thinker or longer what could be the problem need help

  • Sha-Niyah Ortiz

    So, I’ve currently been transitioning for 4 months now, and my mother is against it because she said I’ve never had curly hair, and I’m not sure how I can approach/ explain to her about the process. I honestly don’t know whether or not I’ve ever had curly hair, but I know my hair is severely heat damaged, which is why I’m transitioning. Can I still continue this process even though I’m not sure I’ve ever had natural curly hair to begin with?

  • Adrienne Wilson

    Hi my name is Adrienne. I NEVER liked my natural hair until one day I was thinking, I want to look different. I was super tired of wearing weave so I went with my natural hair. I don’t have great hair, but I want to make it great. My hair type is very course, sort of a nappy look. I was wondering what can I use in my hair to give me alot of beautiful curls with a beautiful shine?

  • Queen Of puppies

    I am 11 years old. I was born in Africa. I have been using relaxer and have had permed hair since I was a very little. I really want my hair to be natural so it doesn’t just stay short and get cut at the edges. I haven’t had natural hair in my life and i want to say right now. What should I do?

  • Mpai

    I love my natural hair but I just have to give up and relax it. I have to accept my hair type is impossible to maintain when natural. My hair is Type 4c. But actually think its type 5 or 6 meaning its not even in the chart.

  • Zoe

    I have been texturizing my hair since I was about 6 or 7, I’m nearly thirteen but I want my natural hair to see what it’s really like. I feel a bit scare to do the big chop because I don’t want everyone staring at me in school since I’ve always had long braids. I don’t know what to do ??