Tune into the Premiere of The Real!

Hey guys! Are you getting excited for the new season of The Real yet? We’ve been gearing up for the premiere all last month and I’m so happy to say that it’s finally here… This coming Monday, that is!

The Real Season 3 - Tamera & Ariah

Ariah is just as excited as we are.

Season 3 brings with it even more fun games and giveaways, candid conversations, hilarious moments, and intriguing discussions. The girls and I pour our hearts into every segment and can’t wait to connect with you on topics big and small.


Things are getting real…

Tune into the season 3 PREMIERE of The Real this Monday, September 12th on Fox. To see exactly what time, check out your local listings on TheReal.com, or catch the re-broadcast on BET.

Can’t wait!


  • lady j

    Alrighty then! Moving forward with new changes,challenges and opportunities for this new season. I am hoping the same in my life and circumstances. Stay thankful and humble. So.. that been said Best wishes to you all on THE REAL!

  • openvisions

    gonna miss Tamara, not gonna be the same show. so sad

  • Esther

    Yay!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the new season!!!! You girls will rock it!

  • I am so excited for the new season! I love your show!!

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Just who is that beautiful little Diva in your arms? that can not be
    little miss Ariah Housley, lol,lol….How fast our babies grow up,and she is
    smiling into the camera as if she knows what is going on,watch out Aden
    she is coming for you, lol…Daddy is going to have his hands full with that
    little Diva..so sweet.
    Much Blessings to you for the new season of your show. Remember Tamera
    only God gives BLESSINGS, “NOT” People..People cannot give..NOR..can they take “AWAY” they can only give opinions, and we all know in the end
    how much that’s worth..lol,lol…Continue to “DO YOU”.. stay with God and
    watch him Bless..GOD,FAMILY, JOB..Matthew 6:33 and Psalm 1..God’s
    words always accomplish what it states..If we are in Him…


  • Glad it’s back! :)

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, I must say I so enjoyed the new season of your show!! I had stop
    watching because some topics were to much,some of the guess, and
    the behavior of some of the Hosts…But the new season revamp is sooo good,the topics are good/fun, the games are always fun to watch, and all the Guess so far has been informative and good.
    I hope the producers keep this format!! and keep Politics out of it!! which is
    all ways going to be bias to the host or producers belief which is so wrong.
    also keep sex,and sexual thing out of it,we get enough of politics and sexual every where else.. we just need fun for that hour.
    Please don’t worry about the “Nay Sayers” the ones that is still criticizing the
    show.. You guys surprised them how good the show is, and how smooth every thing is going, and lets face it,some people just like strife’s and confusions, but there is more of us than them, so keep this format and leave the heavy topics for the news!! my momma group and I now have something to watch again before we pickup the kiddos and start the running around with them..lol.
    Keep doing “YOU” GOD,FAMILY,JOB. Much Blessings “Numbers 6: 24-26.