My 10 Skincare Tips For Fall

Tamera Mowry Skincare Tips

Now that fall is here, that means that my summer skincare routine no longer holds up quite as well as it did in the warmer months. The air is getting colder and drier, and my skin tends to do the same thing! So, every year around October, I make changes to my beauty routine to ensure that my skin can stay as healthy as possible.

Today I wanted to share with you guys what my fall skincare routine looks like, and give you my 10 best seasonal skincare tips!

  1. Switch up your cleanser — I use different cleaners seasonally because while a lighter gel cleaner works great in summer (when your skin is naturally producing more oil), it’s often too drying for my skin in winter. This time of year, I switch over to a moisture-rich cleansing lotion instead.
  2. Use a more intense moisturizing lotion — To my point above, your skin produces more oil in the summer months, and so you require a less intense moisturizer. Even if my skin doesn’t feel dry yet, I still like to use a heavier moisturizer so that I can stay ahead of dryness.
  3. Use SPF — Just because summer is over does NOT mean that the sun is not still damaging your skin. Remember to continue to use SPF daily on your face, neck and hands!
  4. Exfoliate — Invest in an at-home gentile exfoliating peel to brighten and even your skin tone. Summer months often leave our skin more sensitive from the sun, chlorine, etc, and so fall is the perfect time to exfoliate.
  5. Use a mask weekly — Find a mask for your skin type, and use it weekly. Masks used over time make a big difference in keeping your skin looking bright and radiant!
  6. Don’t forget about your whole body — Again, I like to stay on top of skin dryness before it even starts. Invest in a super moisturizing body lotion or body butter, and apply daily.
  7. Book an appointment with your Dermatologist — We should go see the Dermatologist annually to get checked up (especially after increased summer sun exposure). Doing this every fall is an easy way to remember your annual appointment.
  8. Don’t neglect your hands — Hands can get very dry during the fall and winter months. Between harsh soaps and dry weather, our hands can easily crack and dry out. This time of year, I make sure that I have a good hand lotion in my purse and start applying it regularly. Same goes for your cuticles — Try using a cuticle oil daily (which will also make your manicures last longer!).
  9. Remember to hydrate — As it gets cooler out, it can be harder to remember to drink as much water. Hydration is so vital to skin health! I make a very conscious effort to try and remember to drink enough water each day.
  10. Stock up on lip balm — I like to buy several tubes of lip balm at once, so that I can stash them in various purses and places (like my bedside table and in the car). Lips can so easily become dried out, and it’s a good remember to keep them moisturized if you are always looking a tube of lip balm.

I hope these tips help you guys transition your skincare routine to fall! If you have any other tips, please let me know!    


  • Sharray Morales-Washington

    Thank you I needed skincare tips for the fall. I had no idea i needed to change moisturizer with the season. I need to find a good expoliator.

  • ItsLisaToban

    Great tips, Tamera. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Style Concession

    Great tips Tamera. I found out my skin was dehydrated and drinking water when its cooled down is really hard. so I drink hot or lukewarm water and it helps! thanks for sharing!

  • lady j

    I reside in Queens Ny. I am hoping Autumn lingers and we have a mild winter. Skincare and moisture much needed to protect from the cold weather. I plan on purchasing a body butter and good old Vaseline..😆

  • Love these tips!
    Definitely important to keep in mind as the weather changes!

  • Monika

    Thank you for this! Love reading posts like these. Can you recommend some affordable skincare products?

  • Olivia Davis, PhD

    Hey Tamera! Can you PLEASE tell us the products you use in your hair??? Your hair looks AMAZING so healthy and hydrated! I know that many of us have natural curly tresses as well and would love that info!!!

  • Nikki

    Thank you Tamera! I just started using the mug mask and my face feels and looks great.

  • Monique Tribble

    Tamera, I really enjoy your posts. I would love to hear any tips you have on morning routines with the kids.